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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Early morning beach walk

After the great sunset last night woke up early this morning and went with Roxie doggie to the beach at mundesley what a walk loads of photos and the beach to our selves 
Here are the pictures starting with the beach huts

Beach huts look like a part of British beach life and Norfolk is no exception in the bright colours they use
The beach was deserted but it was six am in the morning
And the reflections on the wet send from the sky was great 

As you can see we found a football and Roxie doggie went mental lol
Chasing after it and nudging it with her nose lol bless her
As you can see Roxie doggie loves playing on the beach 
Here's some shots of the breakwaters

Did I go for a swim or just dip my toes in lol 
And one final one of the old and new sea defences 
What a walk

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