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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Early summer sun at Mundsley Beach North Norfolk

The sun was well and truly out, today so we went down the beach for a walk with the doggie 
The above picture is of the broken see defences which by the look of it have had a battering this winter
Even though it was sunny once we worked a bit the beach was ours 
Roxie had the time of her life she loves the beach and didn't stop running about lol
She wouldn't even stop for photos 
We even walked a bit further and came across this wonder what it once was 

And Roxie just kept running 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Autumn us coming fast

Lovely walk through the woods today the colours on the trees are changing fast which means winter is a coming
So hopefully more colours in photos to come enjoy

From Bacton woods to Cromer sea front

A mixed post this time starting of in Bacton woods north Norfolk and then moving ten miles to the coast a the seaside town of cromer

Bacton woods are lovely to walk round and the colours are starting to change now for Autumn 

In a few weeks time it will all be a red colour 

And here's a couple of black n whites

Just love how the light finds its way through

And now for cromer I love cromer it's different all year round from the hustle and bustle of carnival week to the grey moody skies of now 
First up the pier and the beach which is still a working beach for the fishermen bringing back the famous Cromer crab
The tractors that bring the boats ashore 
And some more of the boats with the town in the background
Ready to go just waiting there captains
And the famous beach huts all the colours of a rainbow 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Deserted railway a walk and sunsets and a bit of fungi

Took a walk along weavers way but went a bit further than we usually go and we stumbled upon a disused and derelict train station here's some pics

And another 
And another with different filter

And some more in a natural light 
And I think my favourite picture
Walked for miles really enjoyed it 
But that evening the sunsets which I like to think are great here in North Norfolk but they were special tonight

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The cold weathers returns

Well after a not to bad summer autumn is starting to hit and soon the trees will start to change colour which will be great for pictures but in the meantime here are some pictures of Walcott beach North Norfolk UK. On a cold and grey day that we took our doggie for a walk.

The first is a pano and best viewed full screen

The second a view along the beach with the waves in view

Third picture of my wife looking a bit cold but Roxie the doggie still wanted to get on the beach

Fourth picture of a breakwater 

Even the seagulls looked cold 

The sea so uninviting and cold

Soon it will be to cold to go to beach so often and it will be woodland walks with all the colours of autum 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

A selection of photos from around Norfolk

Here are some photos from around Norfolk taken over the last year or two 

The first pic was taken at the cromer carnival I took the picture from the pier 

The second picture is of the metal joiner in the sea defences at Mundesley beach North Norfolk
This pic is from under the sea defences at Walcott beach North Norfolk 

This picture is of the tired sea defences at Walcott beach North Norfolk and these are damaged by the power of the sea

This picture is of my family and I caught it at just the right moment with my son jumping 

And the last picture is of a shelter at the top of the beach at Mundesley North Norfolk