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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Blakeney point and to Cromer

Here is a selection of photographs from the seal coloney at blakeney point on the North Norfolk coast line it's quiet a walk out to the end of the point but it's worth it to sea the seals 
Here is a couple having a rest in the sun 
And here is one who waddled around slowly following us 
Here is an old workhouse tractor sitting on the beach feeling sorry for itself 
And the paraglide ta that look frozen in time so peaceful
Onto cromer which is famous for quiet a few things including the famous Cromer crab 
A great view of the Henry blogg museum and lifeboat house with the pier in the background
And the one above is another view of the old lifeboat house 
And a shot of the shimmering water on the sand at cromer

And last off all a picture of Roxie doggie at the beach 

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