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Friday, 31 July 2015

All the fun of the fair in North Walsham

Well the fair came to our home town, our eldest was
Helping work there so we walked up and took a few photos 
First up is the cage wouldn't get me on it lol
The toy cars more my speed lol

The mighty dodgems 
And finishing were we started at the cage  lol
And mejulie with the tea cups in the background our eldest was working on them lol

Monday, 27 July 2015

Weavers Way North Walsham

Decided to take Roxie our doggie for a walk down Weavers Way near North's a lovely walk and it changes each time we go down there.
It is a very old path that goes all the way to Norwich here is some pictures
The first is a view across the Barley fields from Weavers Way
The second picture is of you down the footpath
This is one of the gates at the many inter sections
There is even houses tucked up alongside the footpath
It is just a lovely relaxing walk
And after it has rained it can be so green and fresh
And even the doggie loves walking down here darting off into the fields either side

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Blakeney point and to Cromer

Here is a selection of photographs from the seal coloney at blakeney point on the North Norfolk coast line it's quiet a walk out to the end of the point but it's worth it to sea the seals 
Here is a couple having a rest in the sun 
And here is one who waddled around slowly following us 
Here is an old workhouse tractor sitting on the beach feeling sorry for itself 
And the paraglide ta that look frozen in time so peaceful
Onto cromer which is famous for quiet a few things including the famous Cromer crab 
A great view of the Henry blogg museum and lifeboat house with the pier in the background
And the one above is another view of the old lifeboat house 
And a shot of the shimmering water on the sand at cromer

And last off all a picture of Roxie doggie at the beach 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bits n bobs around Norfolk

I could not get out today to take any pictures so here's some that I haven't published before
The first picture is from two years ago and is of the old steps at Happisburgh the coastal erosion has destroyed them now and the cliffs continue to erode at many meters a year so sad

The second picture is of the barley field which our bedroom overlooks so lucky to have such a wonderful view
The next is a view of  a street in Norwich taken last year and the picture after this is a picture of Norwich castle which sits above this street

And finally some of the newer sea defences at Walcott beach a place to get the best fish and chips around North Norfolk and then you get to sit and look at the view

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Around Norfolk

Some photos from when I have been out and about round Norfolk 
The first pic is the old royal arcade in Norwich city centre 
The second is riverside in Norwich 
Third pic is the windmill at weybourne on the North Norfolk coast 
Fourth picture is the train that runs between weybourne and Sheringham 
And the fith picture is of the church in weybourne 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

A trip to happisburgh

Today was a lazy Sunday we decided to take the dog Roxy for a walk to Happisburgh beach it's on the north Norfolk coast and it's only a couple of miles from where we live it's famous for having a large Lighthouse and long rolling beaches the cliffs have eroded an awful lot over the years but still this makes a great place to walk the dog highly recommend it here's some pictures 

Here's the Roxie  doggy in the water she loves the beach
Zen stones aha lol

Part of the sea defences

Roxie surveying the beach

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Around North Walsham

Well today we had a wander around North Walsham the town itself is our home town we went into town this morning and we stopped at the cafe to have a scone and a Coca-Cola it was very nice after going in doing our monthly shop we came back to North Walsham where we then went to the pub after we'd had a few ciders we then went to labone Indian restaurant it was my wife's first time in an Indian restaurant and I think she really enjoyed it here some pics just to prove it

Really great food it was a good time there in the restaurant La bone
Highly recommend it and Julie even had a flaming Sambuca should've seen the face she pulled classic

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Back to Bacton woods

After the seven hour journey to brackley n back yesterday we did a lap of Bacton woods to love it there the air is cool even on a hot summer day which today was here some pictures of our adventure

The woods are old and as result very dense and quiet
Long wide paths with lots of narrow paths off each side
Some really big trees nature at its best
Roxie doggy thinking yaaay 
And then she found the mud .....again 

Me n mejulie
Luke n his mom
And the Roxie doggie