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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Trimmingham beach again lol #beach

A Me Julie Luke Orkun and his girlfriend Carla went to trimmingham beach tonight love that beach you have to drive down a little track down side off cliff, but it's worth it here's some photos
First one is a shot of the impending sunset 
Some seaweed in macro mode
Trimmingham beach in all its glory
A hazy group shot of us all
A first for Orkun he actually smiling in a photo
The ever gorgeous Julie this woman is the reason I breathe 
Roxie doggie and her ball she loves the beach 
Selfie time lol
A view from the breaker along the beach 
This one below is a panoram of the beach
I would of gone in the water but someone had to take the pictures lol
Don't really know what's going on here hahaha lol
Carla looks like it's freezing lol

All in all great time had at the beach 

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