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Saturday, 7 March 2015

woke up and decided to take a walk to Blakeney Point, now although there is a seal colony there that's not the reason we went, we decided we could do with a really nice long walk all 6 and a half miles of it.
The weather was great, first real warmer day of the year.
 first up the boats by the car park which is free

then managed to get my first shots of birds in flight

Really chuffed with these two pics
These two below are macro shots again really chuffed with these

roxie our doggie had a great time running about and chasing her ball and jumping in the pools of sea water

 Look at my sandy nose
 With her Mummy
 Yay water

Its not cold honest
here is some pictures of the view down the beach

 More boats
And finally the hut that allways looked buried but it isn't

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